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Quality checking

Usually for prototype quality checking it not just inspect the dimension, sometimes we will still need to check mechanical property, assembly relation, functional rationality,  design rationality and also give a suggestion if need, surface treatment checking, touch checking etc.

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At VOK, we believe in a completely quality management system will make your product meet your design, save time, test, fit, and function well. In every production procedure, with our professional inspectors, with reliable, proven testing method, and clearly defined testing standards, we can guarantee a perfect quality control system will make your products meet your requirement.

We are able to offer full article inspection in line with all globally recognized QA and QC requirements. our production process from incoming materials though production right to final inspection are controlled and recorded with continuous improvement our goal.

We have in-house capabilities to perform certain drop and vibration tests as well as a range of other testing equipment.

We are also able to have parts and materials independently certified for REACH and RoHS. Our in-house testing like normal inspection micrometer calipers, hardness inspection, color inspection etc.

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