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At VOK, we believe in providing high quality injection molding and tooling solutions to meet all of your low, medium, and high volume manufacturing demands. Our global array of capabilities include conventional production services as well as hard-to-find processes such as thin-wall, clear, and high-polish molding, double-shot, insert, and over molding. In addition to plastic injection molding, VOK also offers die casting service for manufacturing high quality metal parts. Secondary operations include machining, painting, silk screen and pad printing, water transfer, painting, powder coating, and ultrasonic welding etc.

With over 10 years of molding, VOK experienced team can make this last step in your process as quick as possible.

Rapid tooling

Rapid tooling is known by many names including prototype tooling and soft tooling, but it is essentially pared back injection mold tooling enabling you to quickly and cheaply get parts.

Rapid tooling allows you to use the actual production grades of material, allowing you a much clearer picture of how the parts will act in real world applications and enabling you to test and confirm you have made the correct material choices. Parts are also injection molded as they would be in production so you can also use them for stress and impact testing for example, exploring any weak areas due to weld lines or other imperfections from the injection molding process such as shrink and warping. With this information you can then better determine if any changes need to be made before expensive production tooling.

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