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At VOK PRECISION we offer both SLA and SLS manufactured prototypes and parts. SLA: Stereolithography is an additive technology which allows you to print 3D models of your parts direct from your CAD files in a matter of hours. It works by fusing a liquid resin together via combination of computer controlled laser and mirrors. SLS: is a 3D Printing technology similar to SLA but works by fusing or sintering a powdered material together via a highly accurate computer controlled laser and mirror system.

We deploy these cutting edge technologies to manufacture smooth and accurate plastic and metal parts while retaining very tight tolerances. Our technicians can take out the time to clean each part, polish any surface roughness, and if needed, fill and paint the components. Our in-house machining capabilities allow us to add any machining or holes needed by the customers.

SLA material: GP60, somos 14120, similar ABS, Printing size: 450x450x300mm, Resolution: ± 0.05mm

SLS material: PA12, PA12+GF, PA+MF, Printing size: 330x280x420mm, Resolution: ±0.1mm

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