The 40 Most Significant Tools and Toys Ever Designed

In honor of Outside’s 40th anniversary, we’re selecting our all-time favorite gear, places, accomplishments, and people. This month, we rounded up 40 of the best products we’ve ever tested, from legendary classics (Ed Pulaski’s famous firefighting tool) to the newest kids on the block (DJI’s crazy new do-it-all drone).

For 40 years, Outside has tested and ranked gear that allows us to venture farther, go faster, and do both more comfortably. The following products are the ones that truly stood out for their sheer inventiveness and impact.

Good consumer drones really didn’t exist until the 2013 release of the Phantom 1. Made by Chinese manufacturer DJI, the original quadcopter would fly (typically with a GoPro mounted below) for about 15 minutes—or until you crashed. The options have become much more numerous and powerful, but this affordable, ready-to-fly package was the first to open up the skies to the masses. —Nick Kelley

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